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She lives in a land

She now lives in the land of dead

Where no birds sings any love song

No twittering over the windowsill

Only gloom and doom lingers

Filled with the recipe of hatred


She now lives in the land of dead dreams

Ones that were lively at a point of time

Now they are battered to death by ill will

No love to look forward to, no life ahead

Only a past filled with distant memories of love gone by

Butchered to death by her only lover, now gone away from her


She now lives in a land where hopeless shines in the sky

With its burning, its flaming up every little desire 

She now sees no more dreams  nor cries no pain

Her cries are heard as bleating and moaning as animal cry

Her sickness is mocked upon as attention seeking tacts

Now she has silenced every laughter and wiped every cry


She now lives in a grave cold, dark and dank

Filled with nothing

Don't wait to hear joyous song after snatching her soul away

You cant have trees growing on land where you sow no seeds

You cant keep reaping love from a heart by feeding it with hatred

She now sleeps silent in the land of no rivers, no chirping birds


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Shifa Maqba

Mon 21st Sep 2020 10:50

Rich, dark and evocative!

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