In the making

As I breathe the night and warmth feels within my heart

I remember those times of my life when things were sad

As I look back to days that I have travelled so far

I have made it to the top of the mountain without any help

Those hands that held me so weak are now erased forever

Those words that kept me brave through the night blended in darknes

Now what remains is a beginning of a new me, unlike the past

For a glorious heavenly hand works still upon me, holding strong

Making me to be what I am destined to be no matter what enemies send as harm for me

My Rabb miraculously turns every harm in my favour, every weapon turns a pen

A pen that writes a beautiful future by the leave of my God

Nothing scares me for I know who is holding me, fear is a mocking bird

I'm evolving still, in the making project, God has another set of help reaching me

Those that are required in the phase of my life, a level up

I'm in the making, a devoted, humble soul of my God sitting high above

I bow my head in acceptance to what my God has written for me

I shall meet my Lord in the eternal world to live their with Him happily everafter

◄ Happy birthday to you!!

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