Summer rain

When the night grows deep and dark, the ugly stings remains within veins, sucking every drop of peaceful blood flowing in, having nothing but pain remains.

When the day is bright and shiny and sunshine a orange glow, when the winds fragrance gently over the meadows blow, the smiles within dimpled cheeks glorified the simplicity that stays therein.

When the storms do hurl and roaring wind gales merges with the flamboyant rain. Trickling tears through the eyes drizzles and then flashing floods from tearful heart submerges every smile and laughter within.

After the storm the calm and quietness is regained. Chirping birds and hares running in mirth and the splashy earth blends with glittering droplets. The gentle laughter returns from within the souls miraculously embalmed body to wave a cheerful dream.

All the sorrows that melts away through the burning furnace of pain and strife. Until all the Joys are purified and impurities of heartaches subsides. Nothing seems to make any sense, atlast all the pieces fall into its perfect place. Rejoicing hearts finally meet under the summer rain.


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