Fake News

Inside the bars are tuned in

to the Holy Radio Station,

broadcasting the Bible 

from Genesis right up to

the Book of Revelation,

interrupted only

by life insurance adverts.


On the street, a woman’s tempted

by the babble of an Apple.

Wind, rain and fire

are bringing down the temples.

Men bearing crosses

disembowel the prophets.

The dead are being brought back to life.



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Paul Sayer

Sat 12th Sep 2020 07:52

Penguin this great. keep that pen moving.

The walking dead are being forced back to life sensing their very breath quite literally now is being sucked from them.

No bad thing in my book.

There is no such thing now as news

Well almost, that sentence above is not fake news, but this one is.

Confused? I should be a reporter or better yet the minster of mind games.

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