Golden Boy


I can hear your voice
calling drunken in the ally.
     You did the tango of doubt p
assing tropical fish
                   of painted boys
trying to find the way back.

Nighttime is the way
   fears manifest.
Watch your shadow
  hope no shadow follows yours.

Each time a window sees your reflection
it shatters.

Overcompensation is the tell.
Never over-tell your story,
    put emphasis on your skill.

You're just a murky shadow;
     only time is now.
     Name of the game is survival.

You found yourself in a bar
     long mahogany rails 
off that skidrow wrong side of town
in the tourist district neon-lit facade.

And you're wonderin' how.
     Sometimes you think you got it
     then you know you don't.

 Off junkies' needles jettisoned
in the alley or stuck in the ground.
     Off from the carcass 
of the three-month dead rat

Beside the graffiti 
"live long and prosper"
     beyond the dumpster 
spilled to the ground,

a decent dapster bar
with a legitimate bartender
     the green-skinned man
     in the black plastic suit.

You're sorry that you thought it
now you swear you won't.

It was a tragedy of bad strategy
     a murky shadow
     only time is now.

Don't think it.
     Don't think it. 

Playing semantic games with a prostitute.

A balloon 

     A balloon inflated 

          A balloon inflated on your ego.

Golden Boy 
You're floating like a Macy's float 
                    above this crowd roaring 
     with the sound of a crankshaft

                                               without oil.


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