In the Realm of the Hungry Ghosts

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I’m always consuming, but it’s never enough

to fill my ever-empty belly.

And there is scarce enough to quaff

to quench this insatiable thirst.

I have lived too long on breadcrumbs

and stagnant water,

so long that I have forgotten the taste

of finer foods and refreshing drink.

I am driven by my belly,

always growling, always unsatisfied,

and not in the least quelled or quieted.

I have been cast into this wasteland

of drought and lack,

banished by my own desires,

the lusts of this body

and the depravity of this wretched mind.

Can’t anyone save me from this hell?

Or am I doomed to wonder this dusty place

for all of eternity?


My teeth are always gnashing,

always gnawing,

always clenched in bitter ire,

set on edge and biting,

always biting,

but never knowing the pleasures of meat.

Oh, that I may have but a morsel

of anything other than this dust,

and this bitter wormwood,

and these sun-bleached bones

littering this desperate landscape.

But there is nothing of pleasure here,

nothing to gratify

my ever-increasing longings.

My emaciated form crawls endlessly

across the infinite and derelict wilderness

crying out for relief,

but there is none to answer my voice.

This is my sentence

and I must pay the penalty for my crimes.

I am no less than deserving

of this torturous existence.

There is no relief here,

and no respite for my wanderings.

There is no shade from the ever-present sun

and no soft place to lay my head.

Oh, that I was a dog or some other beast!

Then I could eat what scraps may fall

from my master’s table.

Even that would be more desirable a presence

than my wasted form in this wasted place.

Oh, that death would take me

from this misery!

But there is no such mercy here.

Oh, wretched man that I am!

Who can save me

from this body of ruination?

Who can rescue me from my torments?

Do not leave me here to die!

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Sun 24th Jan 2021 01:50

Aviva, now you’re making me blush.

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Sun 9th Aug 2020 02:03

I read the apocrypha when I was younger, but that’s been a while.

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Sat 8th Aug 2020 21:11

Kevin, you are correct. By the end his visage was marred beyond recognition.

Kevin T.S. Tan

Thu 30th Jul 2020 22:28

yeah I do think so. The stories in the canonical gospels are all full of strife. The old testament called him 'the suffering servant'.

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Mon 27th Jul 2020 23:23

Kevin, you think so? I wrote this as part of a quintet of poems revolving around the Mandala (the six realms of the human existence). The realm of the hungry ghosts depicts one of suffering and lack, similar to the hell realm, but not as intense. I have two other works written in this quintet so far, “The God Realm” and “The Hell Realm.” I haven’t written the other two yet.

Kevin T.S. Tan

Mon 27th Jul 2020 10:00

you're welcome. To be honest, this kind of sounds like the life of Christ. The part they don't want to talk about in church. The part that people refuse to see. That He was just as human as you and I.

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Mon 27th Jul 2020 01:52

And Kevin, thank you also for the like. 😊

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Wed 22nd Jul 2020 23:37

Itsjustmedownhere, Shifa, Bluesky, RoseMary, and Poemshub, thank you for the like!! 😃

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Wed 22nd Jul 2020 13:06

Nicola, yes, and thank you. 😃

Nicola Beckett

Wed 22nd Jul 2020 05:20

OK in California? We'll done u x

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Tue 21st Jul 2020 20:00

Cynthia, thank you. And I would call it a sense of release more than anything. I lived as a dead man inside for a very long time. I was a ghost among the living.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Tue 21st Jul 2020 16:28

A splendid sense of drama and word power, strongly gripping. I also presume deeply satisfying to yourself. Great picture.

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Tue 21st Jul 2020 16:15

RoseMary, thank you. A lot of what I write comes from the place of addiction that I lived in for so long. I suppressed my emotions and myself for a very long time and now am finally giving words to those times and those emotions. Thank you again for the comment, encouragement, and for the like.

Bluesky, thank you for the like. 😃


Tue 21st Jul 2020 15:15

A pathetic situation. May God send the best help possible and the strongest angel to achieve the impossibly possible task. I wish an easy and timely rescue

Miracles do happen. It's just a prayer away.

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