Different Colors of Cats

A green cat with a yellow tail
  can disappear in a field of dandelions
  swatting white moths in clover.

Pepto-Bismal pink cats hold séances
  in their very own kitchens, resurrecting
spirits of mice they’ve eaten, clattering
cups of tea on scratched china saucers,
letting their kittens play street games.
  Sitting and sipping in silken shadows

caused by lampshades wrapped in nylons.

Purple cats are pretty cats, but can’t
decide who loves them and who hates them.
  Don’t want only dishrags and ovens.
  Have the mystique of Anthony the Latin –
Sensual and dark and brooding like

After lights out
No mother cat calls in the purple cats.
Instead, they visit the pink cats
  to listen to music, to waltz
  and wish they were the green ones
with tails of color of afternoons.

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John Marks

Fri 7th Aug 2020 03:55

Seeing things.

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David Blake

Tue 21st Jul 2020 22:55

This is great. Also seems a bit untamed and rough around the edges which suits the subject of cats well...

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