Pomposity and the Holy See.

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Papal Love.

The pope was here.
Sorry children.
He’ll die soon and ascend to his heaven.
But you're hell…
will last forever.
You don’t need to say sorry.
You can’t say sorry.
You will say sorry.
Will you say sorry?
Will you say sorry… is there a heaven?
“Suffer the little children”?
Oh yes!
Because we are the power and the glory and we live in Rome.

Irish graveyards.

African aids

All people made so frail

By pompous gods prevail.

And if your lucky

Unbuggered you’ll prevail!

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Paul Sayer

Wed 15th Jul 2020 18:17

The title alone is f##king amazing!

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Paul Sayer

Wed 15th Jul 2020 18:16

Honest question

Can I borrow this masterpiece?

I could never match it.

Yesterday I spent three hours trying... I gave up.

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Wed 15th Jul 2020 17:41

One of your finest Phil. Boxed up and ready for the open minded.


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