To Infinity Or The Den?

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I wonder

In this world full of technology,

do children like to play outside,

pretend to be cops and robbers

go to the park to swing and slide.


Imitate cowboys and Indians,

not politically correct I know,

play swing ball in the garden

or build a snowman in the snow.


Hopscotch on chalked pavements,

make chains with wild flowers,

build secret dens in the woods

and play hide and seek for hours.


Share ghost stories by torchlight,

sit around a campfire in the dark,

scoot around their neighbourhood

and cycle down to their local park.


Splash around in muddy puddles,

fish for minnows in the stream

build castles with foil windmills

and queue for Mr Whippy ice cream.


The world of virtual technology

takes you wherever you want to go,

war zones, outer space the racetrack

via playstation, xbox and nintendo.


Cops and robbers, bows and arrows,

scooters and bikes are replaced

by lifelike battles with machine guns

and driving cars in high speed chase.


Virtual gaming, to infinity and beyond,

game forever never reaching the end.

Can a virtual game ever compare

to playing outside with your best friend.



Credit to local photographer Robin Ree 

◄ Seeing Double

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Sun 19th Jul 2020 22:19

Well said.

Katie Wilson

Thu 16th Jul 2020 06:16

Brings back memories x

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julie callaghan

Sun 12th Jul 2020 16:44

Thank you for your kind words. Seeing this den in my local woods and then photographed by a local photographer made me think it is a rare sight these days, it made me wonder who built it, local kids or a local big kid😀
ps never heard that song so will have to give it a listen.

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Sun 12th Jul 2020 16:42

Great thought-provoking poem Julie. Reminds me of the Cat Stevens song, "Where Do The Children Play." I see this with my grandchildren and encourage them to go out and live a little. They don't realize what they are missing living in the virtual world. We all could use more communing with nature and hanging out with friends IRL. Write on! 💕

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