Amor Fati

None of us are wise enough to see the road ahead,

To understand each twist and turn we meet upon the road,

Even the river sometimes meandours from it's well worn bed,

And washes over barren lands where other waters haven't flowed,

It's a pointless task to ask what lies around the bend,

What lays beyond the sunlit crest of the next imposing hill,

The truth is you'll never know until you get there my friend,

And if you don't keep moving you probably never will,

So forge on, disregard the rain, let it fall where it will,

Let the tears of the sky wash the spattered mud from your skin,

Let them cleanse you and quench your thirst 'til you've had your fill,

Let them wash you clean of doubt from without and within,

This road leads ever on and forever will,

So let the Sun warm your face at the breaking of the day,

Let the moon light your steps when the night is still,

Let the scent upon the wind guide you on your way,

Know that every step you take into the unknown's a precious gift,

Treasure each footfall, even those troubled by frustration,

And don't waste the journey by travelling too swift,

Your story is the journey, not the final destination.

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Jason Bayliss

Wed 8th Jul 2020 23:30

Thanks Jennifer. I'm a Stoic at heart. Life's been a little challenging to say the least at the moment. I needed to take a step back and remember, Amor Fati and Memento Mori. Life's just too short to resent the shit it throws at you.

J. x

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jennifer Malden

Wed 8th Jul 2020 15:29

Beautiful language and images and very profound but also optimistic and encouraging. A pleasure to read.


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Jason Bayliss

Tue 7th Jul 2020 22:36

Thanks Bluesky.girl, for such a thoughtful response. So glad you liked it.

J. x


Tue 7th Jul 2020 16:53

Choices we make
Prices we pay

Path is our
Choice is ours

Fate is the choice we made
Good or bad, reflect on choices made

Limited free will may cause blunders
Let not your will prevail above God's even for a blink of an eye

Trials and tests, earth is made for this
Good and happiness, heavenly will finally get

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