The Darkness

Written in a moment when I'd just had enough of man's cruelty, ignorance, arrogance, carelessness and wanted to hide myself away- but realised the opposite was what was required in these times.

The Darkness

The Darkness wakes us from the slumber of complacency.

Only from sitting alone in darkness do we discover our heart-wrenching longing for light.

Only by facing the horrors, feeling the terrors, can we know our soul's yearning for love.

Only when the finger-tip of Death grazes our cheek do we know what it is to be alive.

Thank God, the Darkness wakes us from slumber.

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Hazel ettridge

Fri 3rd Jul 2020 09:48

Thank you for your likes and comments. I haven't been on this site for a while (been having a bit of a deep delve personally) - but looking through the blog I'm delighted by the wonderfulness of what is being posted - all those authentic voices just lovely.

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Martin Elder

Thu 2nd Jul 2020 15:04

Well said Hazel. Its always a joy to see you posting.

Nice one

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Paul Sayer

Wed 1st Jul 2020 15:02

Oh! What joy to be submerged in the darkness and absorb the wisdom of the light.

Hazel this is such a powerful write from a powerful writer.

Thank you

<Deleted User> (24283)

Wed 1st Jul 2020 14:45

Such depth in so few a words. Those who have felt it happening can relate to it, I being one. It all takes is faith and determination.
Thank you Hazel for this beautiful piece.

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