true friends..

I hope college doesnt suck

I hope that I can actually find people that care about me and who like me without faking it 

it really hurts knowing that I dont have any friends 

it really fucking hurts 

I wish it was easy to make friends 

I wish I didn’t have anxiety and I wish I didn’t overthink everything 

that would make life easier 

I just wish I had other people to hang out with 

I have no idea how people can just make friends like that

I feel so annoying talking to people 

I feel like they wish I was not in their presence 

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Kevin T.S. Tan

Sat 4th Jul 2020 10:37

I used to feel the same. Then I opened up about it. People then told me that they really appreciate my company. Some called me the quiet force, the one who's supportive by listening. And I made friends by cooking, organising events, sporting together etc. Yes, sometimes I failed. Got disappointed a lot. But it's the only way to learn!

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 1st Jul 2020 12:29

Brian's comment is excellent.

This is a seeringly honest poem. The one aspect you might want to think about seriously is that idea of 'like'. What are your own criteria as to what makes another person 'likeable'?

IMO, the biggest bugbear in 'educational arena friendships' is the use of 'humour': laughing and chuckling or snickering and sneering. It can be so widely used as friendliness, or abused as derision. Just a thought to consider. And always bearing in mind, that it is possible to misinterpret intent. Don't be pre-programmed to 'think negative'. Insecurity in another person is often interpreted as unfriendliness.

And SMILE a lot, even if it feels silly and insincere to start with. It does get easier, and more genuine the more you do it. It really works wonders.

Sorry fo such a long comment. I just remember clearly a particular year of teaching when individuals in that class of young people were in exactly the same predicament and stressed in exactly the same way.

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Brian Maryon

Wed 1st Jul 2020 07:44


I have a friend who has a positive attitude and talks about a variety of subjects, not just about himself. I am the same, We like to be in each other's company.

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