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Tears Cascade



As I write these words I have composed for you

Tears cascade down these cheeks on my face

My heart, a mangled form, broken, sheared in two

From shattered bulb, love lights faded, no trace


A blackened void has formed within my chest

A vacant space, where thorns now cover

Where once true love dwelt, safe at rest

Temptation assaulted, with a would be lover


Flames of passion that once kept me warm

Ashes form where a phoenix would struggle

In the space lives a thunderous lightning storm

Two pieces of coal for heat need to cuddle


Why had this soul performed antisocial behaviour

Fallen for another, then twisted by her to and fro

From where was going to come this souls saviour?

Although for dark times it requires an a.s.b.o


Another’s love had arrived from distant shore

Brought this being to the edge with temptation

Planted affection where there was none before

Should its host benefit from any redemption?


Alone in an open space, feelings settle on morning dew

Downtrodden emotions lay bare, naked and raw

Baring shreds of my true love, flies a Peacock Blue

Resting on my fingertip love sneaks in as before


From the edge of oblivion I hear my real soul’s mate

Rescued by her kindness, her gentle hand, her love

Saving this unworthy mortal from a creaking gate

Bringing me back to life, born on winged white dove



© Phil Golding March ‘08

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Zuzanna Musial

Sun 2nd Mar 2008 08:50

Hello Phil, you have done tremendous job with this write. The poem shines. There is sadness and loss and again things changed for better the heart was mend to be whole again.

Thank you...Zuzanna

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Philip Golding

Sun 2nd Mar 2008 05:50

Hi Clarissa, thanks for your kind and accurate comments. It was hard to write. I look foward to your feed back


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clarissa mckone

Sun 2nd Mar 2008 05:13

HI Phil, this is nice, very sad, but rings true from the heart. I htink the last stanza is very nice. Im still reading the other and thanks for sending it. Just been very busy of late, with work and one sickness after another. Ill email you next week, sorry about how long it has taken me. take care

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