FEAR (edited)

what is fear
false evidence
appearing real
hard not to react
to things we feel
so much to fear
things we can't see
swear we hear
things far away
and very near
since beginning
of time
fear's tricked
eyes and minds
didn't know what
something was
labeled it
what's that shadow
is someone there
thought i saw a figure
probably just the glare
under the bed
something moved
must be in my head
or did you hear it too
believe spooky stories
ghosts exit
most certainly
why make up creatures
enough to fear in reality
there is a shadow
it's your own
a reminder
you're frightened to the bone
fear to be yourself
live out your dreams
fear of expression
to really be seen
fear of rejection
from strangers
and loved ones
fear of judgement
being abandoned
socially shunned
want others to like us
wanna fit in
become self conscious
start acting like them
afraid to stand out
afraid to be teased
dress like others
so they will be pleased
reel in
edit ouselves
hopes and dreams
being shelved
have lots of excuses
house is a mess
but it's about choosing
to live fearless
if you didn't fear you'd fail
what would you do
dream is wind in your sail
it's really up to you
what's there to fear
doing what you want
while you are here
do you fear ridicule
won't you feel more a fool
living life through
afraid of you
what will be
on your epitaph
will you go out with a bang
leaving them to laugh
will they say
your life was safe
maybe a little shallow
never truly lived
afraid of your own shadow
or that you looked
in the eye
all of your fears
reached for the sky
while you were here


POEMS2 by cindy lee loucks




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