It Is IN Us All

Love they say is the source

The Holy Presence in the soul

The Holy Presence that is the soul

The permiation of every atom

The radiating osculation 


What might seem to be the paths of an ulterior motive

Driven by a hand

A hand that also has a voice


The Word

Guiding pure light

Began to construct


The points of light

That we can begin to see

when we believe

And feel in our hearts

The love that is the light

Creating a system that is that and in itself

 To every whole and part lies within every scale the balance of the next

and in direct consciusness of all relation 

in all adherence

No seperation

The formation of mind 

Is that of divine


The laws of Material manifestion

Create division


Just as the universe holds definition 

Through the tranference of energy in the clusters 

Again to its neighbors

It is held in suspended animation

Alike in the mind of the flesh

 The changing flow of energy defines us


 Our word just as powerful 

The power to create or decay


The nature of the propegation of the light is to create

Without the continuess radiation of that light

The atom begins to falter and shift

Waiting for love to re-establish the heart of every soul

When we act in Love

We act as God






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Paul Sayer

Wed 3rd Jun 2020 06:51

New Shoes, thank you for your powerful inspirational words of poetry.

It is so wonderful to see you post..

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