The power of colour

Calling onto the masses
Whom no amount of classes
Would open their eyes
To the hate and despise
That people of colour receive
And how their hearts grieve
To the endless blood shed
And countless bodies dead
To years of uncalled for attacks
And merciless whacks
To all the foolish, never forget
That you are in great debt
To all the souls you have scarred
And dead bodies you disregard
And one day,
You will be in dismay
The power of colour will rise
Beyond the clouds and skies
That no amount of sorry and regret
Will make their hearts forgive and forget
So prepare,
And from the power of colour, beware.

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Wed 3rd Jun 2020 06:45

Neither black nor white are colours in the strictest sense of the word.

Perhaps they are lack of colour.

There are here at WOL some truly amazing colourful people, people who see through the eyes of a poet.

We have several different coloured eyes between us... whatever the colour of our eyes or skin we all see the same things.

The same wrongs, the same rights. Truth will win out.

We can as poets express what is within our minds and influence outcomes for good or bad.

Where we look for inspiration will determine the outcome of our words deeds and actions.

Aziza keep writing and always seek the true path away from the evil and towards the light..

The recent influx of new young poets here at WOL is heart-warming to see.

The elder new poets here can teach so much from their own bitter experiences from the past.

Together old and young black and white, we must learn from each other and pass on those teachings for the benefit of all.

Be well

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Wed 3rd Jun 2020 03:47

Love love love.

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