I wish you could stay 

In this bed we could lay

Like we’ve got nothing to do 

Your hand in my hand 

Driving through sand 

Chasin down the moon 

Look up at the stars 

We’ve made it so far 

Still so much to lose 

But with your hand in my hand 

I can’t help but understand 

That I was made for you 

Your smile it lights up the darkest of nights 

I’ll spend the rest of my life chasin your tail lights 

Under the desert sky 

How lucky am I 

To have someone like you 

People spend most their lives trying to find 

A connection like ours 

And though we can’t bring it all out to see 

You were made for me 

And we will always have our time under the stars 

Forever have the memories made in my car 

Your hand in my hand 

The way that we dance , I want this forever . 

For worse or for better 

We’re better together 

So kiss me again & tell me it’s ok 

It’s not just today but everyday you take my breath away . 

& I’d wait here for eternity , just to catch a glimpse of your smile . 

So I’ll say it’s okay , even though I know you can only stay for a while . 

My heart skips a beat , a soulful retreat when I stand by your side . 

Fails or fly , sink or swim , your fight is my fight , ride or die 


And I’ll spend the rest of my life loving you for the rest of my days . 

I’ll live with no regrets 

Under the desert sunsets 

So tangled up in you 

So let me put my head on your chest , live our life at its best , it’s long over due . 

Your hand in my hand , no one understands , you’re the one thing I can’t lose . 


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