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Covid 19

We were free as birds until today
Now we’re in lockdown and there will be hell to pay
This country we live in has changed overnight
Our freedoms have gone and who among us put up a fight
We were told to stay at home to save the NHS
Whilst Dominic visits his Mum in Durham no less!
Its clearly one rule for us and another for them
You can travel where you like if you have a mate in No.10
Whilst we wait for a phone app to trace the infection
The governments on it, so there’s no need for reflection
About whether it works or is just a disguise
To obscure the fudged facts and their blatant lies
About their successes in quelling the disease
But it’s our country that’s been brought crashing to its knees
Have others done better, I think that we know
That elsewhere the death toll has been kept welcomely low
But in America they have Covid and Donald as their curse
It’s hard to think of anyone who could make things worse
Whilst Trump thinks we’ll believe him if he says black is white
He goes on to attack Democrats who put up a fight
To protect his people from the worst of his lies
I’m sure it’s not his fault, it’s all those sneaky Chinese spies
But what of the dying we’ve lost since the start
Of the pandemic which has gripped us and torn at the heart
Of our families and jobs and the society with which we engage
There’s much sadness and anger and such suppressed rage
But we clap for our Carers on Thursday night
It’s our celebration of them and all they have done right
Back here we look with hope to much better times
Ones that don’t require me to craft sad satirical rhymes
When we can see family and friends at two metres distance
It’s better than Zoom and we won’t need assistance
In going down the shops to buy all our stuff

Sorry Amazon, times up, that's tough


dominic cummings

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