Addressing a Mystery Charmer

That look of yours kindled an old fantasy which had preferred to stay silent since offices cannot be even purposely used for play activities. Although the Human Resources people say big about engagement but it hardly does happen on the floor not even in those silent corridors. These days the camera follows us everywhere perhaps they would have planted some secretly in washrooms also. Coming back to the point, you have made a statement in your persona. Not only do you look a complete woman but also as one whose halo throws a challenge to every onlooker. It is asking a man to take a step forward, grab this women by her shoulders, peep into her eyes, take her spectacles off and plant a kiss on her rose-petal lips. You are adding more to the mystery. You are a ‘Mystery Charmer’ and you know it very well how to leave a person seduced and bewitched.


I wonder if I am watching you secretly,

Or you are noticing my intentions quietly…

On the same table when we sit opposite,

A sense prevails and it prevails bit cautiously…

My eyes fixed on your face as I read you,

Seeking to question myself why you…

Sharing the proximity and enjoying every bit.


From this latest image I understand…

You look every way pretty and grand…

The shaped bulbs keeping your bosom intact,

Patience in the timepiece that’s worn in right hand…

Spectacles are just a medium and once taken off,

The eyes wooed & lips kissed; rise of the dwarf…

This side of the table, every feeling a fact.


She turns from a woman to a mysterious ecstasy pool,

Attracting thousands of emotions, how shall I keep my cool…

My dwarf existence rises stretching beyond the tent wall,

Since provoked it shapes from the dwarf to a mechanized tool.

Desirous to wrap you in the warmth of my whorl of arms,

I wish to perish this moment in the river of your charms;

Hold me harder! I long to witness this great fall.


While you take centre stage sooner or later to be a blessed partner of your loyal servant, people will at the same time garnish their walls with the thick pastes of paint coming from pistons of varying sizes… And the moment your warrior prince will release the fruit of his will and skill inside you, there will be another thousands released to the open air, some to die a natural death and yet others to grow the genetic DNA with a mutant aberration containing true thoughts of a beautiful sweet damsel none other than you. May you live long to let men sustain and cherish the moments that you were born to pleasure them in the contemporary time.


Diwali – What better than this? ►


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