Two Sides of the Same Coin Franked From Bulshit

Two Sides of the Same Coin Franked From Bulshit    

     Such beauty does insist until your
Feet are placed upon the ground,
Then all around the ugliness persists
The greatest lie is found………
     My hands are at side,
Palms upturned as though benevolence
Places a meeting here in peace,
     And then I look upon my palm –
Tight and taut - the skin, young
Without the carnage of falsely lived
A life, and there again as the hand flips
Over, the skin there old, no elasticity
Of pinched to find a youthful wonder of memory,
     ‘and there to war we go.!’

     They ask you focus on the positive
While sending daggers of hate upon your
Children, and such finery of riposte be crowned
Upon elite that behave just as if a primitive
While expressing dignity be only found in purse,
     And alien am I, alien, always there for query
Upon death, and never here for life.

     Life, we eat it here then declare ourselves
Alive, such despair upon this sorrowed heart,
     A declaration that, for everything we say we
Mean; the opposite is true;
     As every stated clever deception really
Purveys our honesty remains rebuked.

     I long for death in life,
And there it is again, perhaps
A heaven bound or placed belligerently in hell,
     As all it is, is a collective
Conscience we know has all self-deceived
As all are privy to the game,
     Where we talk and walk
The two sides of the same coin franked from bulshit,
Where hatred still upholds us - ‘lame.’

     Here it is, my last, my last.
All I wanted for my wife and sons and daughters,
     Was a shuttle ‘miles from tomorrow’
Where a bird of wonder too, could make escape
To live a life that’s full,
     And for that my dreams were all
That is left that’s free and there again,
My dreams of wonder are still imprisoned here
Upon this purgatory,
     And for that thou bird of wonder,
For that my daughter Sahara,
My Son’s Fabian and Wyatt, and my
Wife within her own sorrow and labelling of shame,
I can only say with everything left I have within
My heart;
     I am sorry,
          I am so very sorry,
               I fade away now, in pain.

Michael J Waite 16th April 2020


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