Throw Down Your Arms

It's through these twisting, turning words of prime

I've fiddled with meanings

Riddled with rhymns

Through the grains of sand of all eternal time

Our journy around the Sun we have longed to define

We spend our days reminissing, wishing

We forget to listen to our future's past where we now stand steadfast in the ever coming eternal dawn

To find our strength to earn our right to belong

Face our demons and tare down our walls 

And recognize the ones playing  Moles

A cleansing of the mind you will begin to find

Natures harmonies hidden in numbers of prime

Repeating patterns of geometric scale

Begin to unvail

The never ending wormholes that we can't quantify

Through the segmented units of life that we all rely

1 and myself 

Nothing more

How much longer can we all ignore

Turn the key

Open the door

There is no other divide that is equal to the reflection of our times

Within freedom there is peace of mind

Within peace there is the ability to receive love from all kind

within receiving love there is the ability to send love and relationships are defined

And so the ever repeating pattern of the universe is propagated

And the meandering meanderers begin congregating

And the system is cleansed

The eternal one mind

In the end

Always wins

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The Sun is out And the road is waiting ►


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Paul Sayer

Mon 6th Apr 2020 12:24

You! Sir, should be standing on the pulpit... that would increase the numbers ex-po-nentially.

Speaking as one who walked the talk 'literally' across the South East of Albion. I can attest to the truth of my jest.

You deserve to be acknowledged by much larger congregations'


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New Shoes

Sun 5th Apr 2020 21:05

Yeah, they will have to make the churches a little bigger for the allowance with separate rooms all connected with monitors.

Thanks for the comment as always Sir Po


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Paul Sayer

Sat 4th Apr 2020 07:45

What a joy to read NS

As perfect as the ' Fibonacci sequence'

Just one small point, you say...

"And the meandering meanderers begin congregating..."

I hope they stay 2 metres apart and there are only 2 because it would spoil the 'allowed' sequence of numbers.


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