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Friend or foe??

She has been sneezing in her palm

Rubbing the dirt all around

Coughing on my face

Rubbing her bare finger on my hand

Touching my clothes after coughing

Trying to hold me after sneezing

Is she a friend or a foe, difficult to say

Actions speak louder than words

Her actions bad to my dismay

She is lost in some deep thoughts so as to say

I just have trust problems developed of late

Many have shown their colors true, red, black and blue

Now I doubt every step and am alarmed at every move

◄ Virusified!!!



Mon 30th Mar 2020 02:39

Both my Angel's Po AND shared so much....I'm thrilled to learn about many a facts in here....thank you so much for wiping the witches craft.......hope it won't bring back misery and sorrow......foes were but friends, as always I lost them, Mr. Evil has an envious green, spits over on his enemies, destroying my very sorrowful.

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Mon 30th Mar 2020 00:05

Bloody sunglasses on your avatar

it is snowing here Brrrrr!

We just went after the witches instead
friend or foe they all ended up dead!


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Don Matthews

Sun 29th Mar 2020 23:55

Sorry we took all your fun.....


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Sun 29th Mar 2020 15:14

Don I adore dark humour more than any other.

We call it gallows humour...

It was a sad day here in Albion
when we shipped off all the dross...
We shipped them all to Australia
Your gain was our sad loss.

Many a day with rotten fruit
and rotten eggs to chuck at convicts
Until the Hougoumont set sail
our loss began your conflict


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Don Matthews

Sun 29th Mar 2020 14:31

Pardon my dark humour. Po feeding me bad thoughts. But good for economy......

I'm a little coro bug
With lots and lots of friends
Busy busy bees we are
Making all unmend


Lotsa work for angels
Lotsa work for Gods
Also undertakers
Diggers of the sod

Lotsa work for coffin sellers
Florists selling flowers
We're great for the economy
Great for the flower grower

We doing a lotta good for the economy


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Sun 29th Mar 2020 12:39

Remember you are your own friend and or foe.

Crumbs Do 😇 you have a lot to remember lol

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Sun 29th Mar 2020 12:37

Breath in slowly and relax!

This is a great time for meditation, introspection, contemplation... and Do prayer.

Something I suspect many will have a go at in the coming months who never have ventured down this road before.

The Angels are going to be busy
The Gods are going to be busy
The undertakers are going to be busy
The grave diggers are...
The coffin sellers are...
The florists are...

And The poets are!

Use this time wisely Do... 'Seek and Ye shall find'


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