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Mister Phillip Glass Sir, please forgive me but, I thought this piece would make great an accompaniment to your very thought provoking works. If it upsets you, I will remove the piece but, I am a fan of your works and hope you understand how it most definitely feels valid and sits well.

Facades is an Orchestral Piece written By Phillip Glass.

Thank you.


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ZTK Space

Thu 23rd Jul 2020 20:45


You create a device as follows. Referencing the seismic recording instruments, you have something similar that works in parallel with your atomic clocks.

But whereas the seismic instrument has a needle on rolling graph paper to record vibrations and moves with such vibrations, the following instrument works differently.

It looks very simiilar, but there is no need for the needle to move up and down.

The graph paper rolls slowly like the seismic instrument paper. But the needle is not designed to move. The needle stays rigid and I add that the needle itself must have a vertical of about 1 inch before the nozzle touches the paper. That means that the needle is one inch vertical. The ink is of a particular opacity, that can be drawn very easily from the nozzle of the ink needle.

The paper moves through the instrument, and every hour, a simple stamp indicates on the left side of the paper, each hour. 0001 to 0901 1601 through to 2301 and then 0001.

The paper used is to be of a particular grade that is porous enough to draw the ink from the nozzle even if the paper stops rolling.

You have two devices working side by side. One is fed by mains power, the other fed by battery 'trickle charged' by mains power.

It is basic but here's the skinny. We are being targeted by cosmic tech, alien tech. Who are in essence stopping time.

You check the paper periodically. If you suspect something, check the rolling paper. If you see a blot on the paper, most probably time has stopped, and we are frozen. We don't know it, but if you check the paper, you may see a blot. That means the instrument has been stopped, but the paper is still drawing the ink even if no longer moving. ya dig?

If one instrument shows the blot, perhaps the mains fed instrument, but the other does not show a blot, then it is a power outage. But if both instruments show a blot, then you will know.

These devices need also be in situ, around sensitive installation.

as crude as it is, it will work. If time stops, the inch long needle will still have ink in, that the paper will draw. No less that two people to check the instruments. Instruments must be 3 meters apart. Instruments are also placed around the globe for cross correlation. And a pair one mile underground as time stoppages has been noted in a localized fashion.

As research gathers, you will note how a blot looks, its depth and size that can give an approx indicator of how long the outage.

Please give it some thought. Please give it a lot of thought.

We are globally being targeted by an aggressive off world.

Best wishes

Mike Robinson

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