Urban Pedestrian

The urban pedestrian knows all the tricks.
Every ginnel, every back street, every right of way,
knows how to shave a minute
and exchange monoxide main road
for a park or a lazy canal.

The urban pedestrian knows what it takes.
He’ll be there in exactly thirty-two minutes.
No traffic jams can spoil his plans,
no two star Uber drivers,
no buses lost to suburban Bermuda triangles.

The urban pedestrian strides on his way,
alert to his only enemies:
the dawdling fool,
and the little red man
who always says WAIT.

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Joe Williams

Thu 26th Mar 2020 13:15

I've been thinking about the urban pedestrian this week. His life isn't as easy as usual at the moment, though when he does get out, he might find the streets rather empty. This poem was originally published in Strix magazine in 2018.

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