I've been trying to fix myself
It takes a moment for
My mind to realize that clairvoyance
Isn't something you get by waiting

My authenticity was challenged
I can't wipe this clean
I'll hold onto little thoughts
Like those days she felt comfortable in my hands

How could she put one foot out the door
When she was my everything 
I wish I could come out with the right idioms
She looks at other boys and I'm an idiot
Who stands by his words

I'm aiming my arrows to be braver
The coward in me struggles
I lost grip of the proof that I wanted to show
She left a mark that's the rotting the heart
I gave her my words
So dying comes with the breeze

◄ Theories of a Madman (Experiment 432)

Space Cowboy (Twilight Melody) ►


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Thu 26th Mar 2020 21:51

Great poem mate.

..." clairvoyance
Isn't something you get by waiting"

Actually it is!

Like most things worth waiting for 😉

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Thu 26th Mar 2020 07:17

Well expressed!! Hope and prayer are magical words practiced 💐

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