A warmer planet [Written for the kids off school]

Jack and Jill lived far away from the sun,

The planet was cold life was not much fun.

The leaves on the trees didn't blow,

And the waters in the rivers didn't flow.


They had to wear many layers of clothes to keep warm,

And round fires and radiators they did storm.

The gloves on their hands were woolly and thick,

When eating their lollies they would bite not lick.


They wished one day that on a warmer planet they would land,

Full of fruit filled trees and beaches with sand.

But one day when they were out on a walk,

Shivering as usual,with Sam they did talk.


Sam on a different planet saw they were both very sad,

Decided to help them,so many clothes round them clad.

"Why don't you hop on my planet and feel the sun,

Live nearer, get  warmer ,I'm sure you'll have fun."


Jack and Jill decided to try the plan out,

And happily they turned their lives about.

No longer did they live life shivering to the bone,

Worrying about the cold and having a moan.


They loved their new planet ,life was full of fun,

Less clothes and gloves to wear nearer to the sun.

The leaves on the trees did blow,

And the water in the rivers did flow.


Life on their old planet was a disaster,

But near to the sun ,they lived happily ever after.









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