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To win the race!!!

The gilded cage kept calling 

The birdie had flown away

And wasn't just responding

Finally a turmoil hits the place

All of a sudden things completely changed

The birdie awaited the rescue squad to arrive

But  bitter reality actually did her bite

Shadow leaves when darkness surrounds

People change when surviving isn't easy

Impatiently waited the hour the day and every help

Nothing turned up, none came to directly help

Decisions are hard to make as of now

But somethings needs be done fast and now

Will the tongue speak the language birdie speaks

Enough of French and German words spoken which sounded alien

Spade is a spade, can it be frankly displayed

Lost are the days, lost are the ways, lost is the bird, lost is the time

Birdie was asking tortoise to hurry, but he kept sleeping happily


◄ Sealed it with love and prayer

Done and bunged!! ►


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