Biohazard Relationship

How about I try and settle the score
Motivation decaying into ecstasy
What a hell of a drug to get lost on
Let's drop it all off

I've tallied up all the wrongs
You won't like the results
I finally found the worst words to tell you
This goggle for Joy doesn't look so oppressive now
Let's drop it all off

I can't remember your name after tonight
If I could just let you walk in my shoes
You would never forget mine
What a damn shame this has become
The sounds of two people done
I guess this relationship was just the sex
Let's drop it all off

So this parasitic memories
I'll join the ferryman to the River Styx we go
With a earthquake in my lungs I'll walk away
Let's end it here

Goodbye Muffin!!! 

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Mon 23rd Mar 2020 02:16

Time shall teach you life, live it before it's time, you have talents within you, nothing should snatch them away from you. Those who know not your worth are blind, your love is needed by an angel of another kind, save it for those who shall hold you dear and shall never let you dying by walking over you.

There are brighter days ahead....make them come true!!!

Keep smiling always Damon!! 😃

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