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The cure!!

Virtual me, a virtual doc

Healing started on clock

Little verse of this and that

Mixed with genie sack

Cure in, cure out, cure all about

Sleeping a dream of silent peace

Only to wake up healthy and healed


Thnx Doc.

◄ Wings!!

Islanded!!! ►


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Don Matthews

Thu 19th Mar 2020 10:48

Coro's infected 'puter
It's gone and seized up ittttttt
Who is your curing doctor Do ?
This coro, little shittttt

See what this shit is doingggggg Dooooo
Should I go vaccinate?
What's that? there ain't one ready yet?
Maybe one year to waittttt

I think I'll throw computer out
Look what it's done to ittttt
Unless your doctor has a cure
This bloody little shitttttttttt


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