A time to leap

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The red-gold heaven

of stormy autumn

leafy-misty lights this late

October dawn recalling me,


to the design hidden in the words

of the seventh seal, of the seventh son,

where you really gotta hold on, hold on.

Swirls of wood-smoke hide

time-ridden, missing things:

amomgst a fleeting meeting with the past:

something else that does not last,

nothing is hidden in these words that is not:

aberrant, obsessed, selfish.

Sorry-wisps of cogitation, coagulate,

thicken into the light of another beautiful March

dawn, at a time of plague, which has deranged time,

and passes strange lines of time over me.

The fading unquiet music of rhyme

leaves such and such shrines untold, in this desolate mind of mine,

where, just for a time, i am out of my mind:

as I hold on, hold on, Oh! baby you gotta hold on.



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Wed 18th Mar 2020 02:56

Another masterpiece. I hope you put out a collection for future generations to enjoy and learn the art of creating great poetry!

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Paul Sayer

Tue 17th Mar 2020 23:46

..."so, just for a time, i am out of my mind..."

If there is space John can I jump on in?

It must bloody amazing in there...

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