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Et tu!!

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Twisting and turning

Crumbling and breaking

Heart knows nothing

Except your name and love

I wish it was easy to see

Be with you forever in love

This pain wouldn't be killing

And life would be so much fun

Ah!! I'm dissolving like sugar

Melting like butter on heated pan

Drying like a wet cloth under sun on stand

A sip of the nectar of your love

Would heal all my broken parts

Only wishes, dreams and desires

Nothing materializes in favour

Minutes became hours, days, weeks and years

Seasons came and went, taking with them my smiles

I'm just a body sans happiness, sans life

◄ Sigh!!!!!

Wings!! ►



Thu 19th Mar 2020 10:31

Thank you Philipos, that was wisdom free of cost. Hope my little self follows 💕

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Wed 18th Mar 2020 20:24

Hi D. I echo Po's, and the other responses. If you keep going down the same path you will never end up in a different direction. There is a secret room where exciting poetry is stored. I think it is called the brain, but negativity just sucks and never benefits anybody, not one - and less still the writer. Only you possess the answer to your loss and where to find your compass for a better bearing. No one else can do that for you - and I am only trying to be kind. May your future quests bring happiness unbounded. You can do this if you really try, try, try. But constant negativity kills the soul and daunts your many friends on WriteOutLoud who would want you to be more joyful in these already challenging times. I wish you every success in your quest to find a better path. P. 👍


Wed 18th Mar 2020 18:34

I'm lost and stranded
Searching my path
Obscurity around
Blurring my vision
Hoping someday
I can fly or run

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Don Matthews

Wed 18th Mar 2020 03:21

I'm Roller Do the coaster
Can't be your lover too
But I will ride you round Theme Park
And also stop at loo


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Paul Sayer

Tue 17th Mar 2020 19:30

Focus on you!

Control what you can control...

You are still out of control... Change your focus change yourself!

The world is rapidly changing Do and you are left standing on the shore. Life is ebbing and flowing soon you will need to move as the tide turns or drown in a sea of sorrow.

Allah only helps those who help themselves.

You of all people know this to be true.

Your poetry needs to move people, that can't happen unless you make that happen...

I pray you walk with God

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