Stupid Boy

I know this is not what you wanted to hear
I'm here on the bridge thinking
What's my reasons of not jumping
I can't think of that many
If I jump today who would really miss me

Don't think back on me
The water was cold and refreshing
Hopefully I get lost and no one finds my body
You can't save me now
Thank you for all the love and support
You didn't fail I just couldn't live anymore

As I feel her hands wrapped around me
Tells me stupid boy why can't you be happy
Why can't you be happy
I'd die for you

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Death Bed (Not a Love Poem!) ►


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Thu 12th Mar 2020 15:02

So many souls never realised just how much they were loved by so many people.

Not finding a 'lost' loved one is 'The' worst pain to endure.

Having their time again these souls would never repeat the same mistake twice.

It is good to write poetry to dig a little deeper into who and what we are, and exactly what we mean to those who know us.

Great title Damon
Great poem to go with it.

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