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Faith vs. Suspicion

All the paths lead to one

No matter which I tread

Ultimately I shall be there

Forever with my only love


Don't upset yourself thinking too much

Somethings make no sense when seen

I haven't any feelings for anyone else in the world

All my energies, feelings and emotions stand directed for my only one, dear you


Your doubts and suspicions always sounds gloomy to me

Trust is something I have always had for you my dear one

I see nothing nor hear anything but haven't I been just following

My trust on you never faltered, please return the same in my favour


There aren't any plans that aren't being made, but in our favour

Certain issues in my life, which I need to resolve and be sure myself

I can't just overthink and lead myself in craziness

So I reassure doing favours and keep my suspicions under arrest

◄ Nirvana

The pain of love!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ►



Thu 12th Mar 2020 16:23

Thank you Po.

When there are no options, then no options is the only option ...... phew!!!!

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Thu 12th Mar 2020 10:07

Now your talking Do.

Great reply.

Keep on keeping on.


Thu 12th Mar 2020 09:29

I will never lose
I will always win
Even if I have to wait
Or toss the coin twice
Fate will not decide
My prayers shall upward rise
God almighty forme suffices
Nothing on earth bothers me
When heavens on God's order bows to me
Let me soar higher and higher
It's only a matter of God's time
If patience is our attire
We don't lose when toss is lost
We stand to fail when faith is tossed

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Thu 12th Mar 2020 09:07

Suspicious lies, who can tell
The path of our journey
leads to heaven or to hell.

The left hand path
the right hand path
the choice which one to choose
Sometimes Do both are wrong
either way you lose.

Flip a coin, heads or tails
it matters not your call
The coin decides your fate my friend
watch which way it falls.

Faith has no worth if it's lost


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