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Next stop!!

I think I've chosen a wrong way

I'm going a way with no end

Wait is all I've on this road

No Ola, uber or cab to take me home

I missed the station somewhere 

My journey isn't going anywhere

I'm stuck at a place where nothing makes sense

I ain't heading any destination, not yet

Before I leave this place and go ahead

I need to reset my plans so nothing goes wrong now

Shall I sit hoping for a rescue helicopter to come here

Take me high above the ground and fly me to my lovely house

What ifs and but's are driving me crazily nuts

Just have a strong urge to leave and now move ahead

◄ Good morning world!!

I ❤ U ►



Tue 10th Mar 2020 14:58

All set
No cold
Or hold

Thnx Don and dear Po🌷

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Don Matthews

Tue 10th Mar 2020 13:55

Airport tower
Runway cleared
Take off now
You all geared?

Bags all packed
In the hold?
Hope you ain't
Got a cold

What a useless
Piece of verse
Think I'll stop
Before gets worse


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Tue 10th Mar 2020 07:40

Wise words Do

Now this sounds like a great plan!

Onwards and upwards... You are clear for take off.


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