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Turtle Rawdon

Updated: Thu, 21 Dec 2017 03:01 am

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Honestly, I just wanted a place where I could post my poems and get feed back without having to face people face to face. I'm anti-social and nobody really see's me. Like actually see's me. I can pass by people in the hall and they won't even notice. I guess that's kinda like a wall flower. I write about the things I see happen everyday in high school. The things that people choose to ignore. Along with being anti-social i like to people watch, not to be weird or anything but i find the things people do fascinating. Everyone does things that they think nobody else sees. So yeah, that is a little about me.


I’m surrounded by people wearing masks, Masks to hide who they really are, All because society says we have to conform. In school you see the kids who follow societies rules to the T, As though what they say is the Holy bible, And they themselves are God! The kids who try to be themselves, The ones who don’t care what they wear or how they act. They are the ones you see on the news. That girl you ignored or called hateful names, Just because she believed in being free? She overdosed last night because all she wanted was a friend, But everyone treated her like an enemy! How about that boy who shot up his school? How many times did you and your “friends” push him in the halls, Or bullied him because he was smarter than you? I bet that torture he suffered in silence lasted years. Those masks that you wear take away the real you, They make you deaf and blind to the actions you do. When it’s all said and done, And it’s graduation year. Think of all those you’ve lost in the last twelve years….

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 21st Dec 2017 12:22

Welcome to WOL. I admire your honesty which is not, mostly, blaming everybody else for your own problems.
And yes, people are absolutely fascinating, just as you are yourself. You are a thinker, and I truly believe that thinkers survive, and prosper. Thank the Great Power that you have an active brain, the innate ability to juxtapose ideas, a sense of moral balance and personal ambition. These 'gifts' will give you advantage over all diversity. And they will also give you much 'grief' about the mindless cruelty of other people. So - compassion. Always nurture your compassion for all persons.

Anti-social is a odd idea. You seem, in fact, intensely 'social'. Just not following the accepted norm of your peers. It's a hard road, but it doesn't make you the one who is 'wrong', just rather wonderfully 'out of step'.

You might try to put your ideas into a more 'line structured' format. But, for now, you have much to say and you say it well. So keep writing. And take good care of yourself, and the little one so soon to be born.

Is 'Turtle' actual, or assumed?

I hope these comments are not too personal.

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