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I was born in Halifax in the West Riding of Yorkshire, which says much in itself. When I was 9 my family moved to Salendine Nook in Huddersfield, a move that changed my view on the world, mainly because we had so much open countryside nearby to play and explore in - the days when kids were left to delve into their surroundings. I would spend much of my time involved in delving but also alone entertaining myself by burying my head in books, particularly Robert E. Howard and others of the heroic fantasy genre including poetry by Edgar Allen Poe, I wouldn't say I've read widely but I've enjoyed many classics both modern and otherwise. After a career in construction I became a lecturer in that subject in 1996 until 2004 when my wife and I emigrated to Australia returning in 2008 to live in Holmfirth in Yorkshire and am still living there. I have written bits of poetry since being a teenager, though in recent years I have been more prolific, my increase in production has come about by being part of a writing group in one of the local hostelries. I have also taken part in the local arts and folk festivals as well as occasionally performing at open mic sessions. I write on a variety of subjects. I hope you like them


In 2014 I wrote this in remembrance of my grandfathers who both served in the trenches. I tired to imagine how I would feel before going over the top Last Post My love, my life is a tragic misery Now that I’m parted from you I’m so completely desperate I have no idea what I can do The bullets rain; the mud rises And the shells incessantly fall What the hell did I get myself into? When I answered my country’s call When all was talk of honour, pride and glory Believe me, my love, when I tell you Politicians are all liars, and yet I fell Hook, line and sinker for their patriotic story All that signed up with me are dead The lucky ones, I call them, for they are free While I’m gripped with skin crawling fear For the dreaded path ahead Over the top and on to meet my destiny Death’s stare ices my bones and to my undying shame My dread is that despite bolstering myself Uncaring of comrades, crying like a lost child I will sink to my knees amidst the calamity Tears well up in my bloodshot eyes While I write these cowardly words But this war is wrong and as it continues The longing for peace and solitude Destroys any will to fight at all No reason, no interest, no right Self-esteem has utterly left me I’m a shattered, defeated, hollow man A shadow figure, wandering through hell Blind to the oblivion, a sacrificial cow I need to leave this place And the time to leave is now God bless you and God help me. Stuart Clark

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