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Updated: Tue, 5 May 2020 02:02 pm

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"made gloom of all her frecklings, streaks and bars, eclipsed her crescents, and licked up her stars" -John Keats about the transformation a powerful and beautiful woman underwent to impress a man: don't change yourself for anyone.


I'll be sanded away from the inside out: hollowed, seared, and crushed. I can only relieve the heaviness, and only by breaking the glass.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Talking to myself (28/04/2020)


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Emer Ni Chorra

Tue 5th May 2020 20:05

Hi Sophie,

Many thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on my work. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed, 'yellow, green iris.' I wanted that poem to inspire hope and remind others that we all have the power to heal from trauma and the fire inside us to continue to fight.

I enjoyed reading your poems. 'In the shower' is very beautiful.. I am a sucker for romantic poetry. ❤️??

Keep writing.

Rose Casserley

Mon 15th Jul 2019 13:57

Thank you again, Sophie, for your recent comment on my profile page. You are having more of a struggle than I am I see from what you tell me, and I really do hope you fully recover as soon as possible from your injury.

Please do keep writing, because, I think both you and I know it is one of the best kinds of therapy when it comes to physically and mentally healing of the mind and the body.

My best regards as always.

Rose ?

Rose Casserley

Fri 12th Jul 2019 13:37

Sophie, really appreciate your kind comments on my profile page. Nice to think that someone else shares the same view and 'slight' struggle to write while lacking full use of the English language. But nevertheless, we are both managing to get our writings kindly approved by the more word familiar so we are doing okay methinks and of course, improving as we go along picking up literary 'tips' and meanings.

I should imagine Sophie that like me there are times you possibly think to yourself ' if only I had had a better education where, in, the poetry world would I have been by now?

All my very best indeed to you.

Rose ?

<Deleted User> (22158)

Wed 10th Jul 2019 20:54

I have been browsing your work, Sophie. I love your style... blunt, direct and powerful verbal punches. Looking forward to reading more! Take care.

<Deleted User> (17847)

Mon 8th Jul 2019 13:29

wow Sophie, what a beautiful lady you are

( if you don't mind me saying so?)

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