I'm a wigan poet who was born with cerebral palsy, I like to look at some of the issues surrounding disability but i believe this has given to my life far more than its taken away.. so its not the be all and end all.. If life' can be quirky then so can I . I love comedy and i love music, Influences are too many to name but they range from Paul Weller. the Jam, Curtis Mayfield & all soul music right through to Bob Dylan, John Cooper Clarke & Mike Harding. I've performed at various open mic nights throughout the north west and been able to have lovely some little adventures in the Nederlands amongst other places. I'm so proud and still slightly amazed that it actually happened to have my first book of poems self published last year entitled Access-Ability. Now I cannot wait until the next project or book, Thanks for taking the time to read my profile maybe one day in the real life setting we'll meet and it'll be a pleasure to share more stories either way i feel very fortunate to have this outlet and a passion. Its not been a bad life so far . My first book is here to show that.


I was about 18 when I wrote this the first proper poem id ever written. When the bus came the driver told me sorry mate too many prams you have to wait. This happened for the next two buses but eventually I managed to get on. Its so hard to believe we can put people into space and a thousand tracks on an iPod but wheelchairs and prams must fight it out for access. AT THE BUS STATION I was waiting for a bus at the bus station Where the girls trade responsibility for their imagination Commonly confusing love for desperation Cigarette coated hands Landed with bags Pushing prams and She doesn’t talk She’ll just text Doesn’t know one day from the next Minds not ready for complication Those scorpion tongues that need no explanation Maybe she’s allergic Allergic to sophistication When she’s waiting for a bus Waiting for a bus at the bus station It’s like half the world making out like their home- made Cinderella's That they’ll never be As rain pours down they’ve got holes in their umbrellas It’s just kids having kids, there’s no appreciation, to them it’s just a win-win situation. When the truth hits home that’s no vacation. But I just want to get on, I don’t need the aggravation. When you’re waiting for a bus, waiting for a bus at the bus station.


I love travel programs and I was sat watching telle one night when Michael Palin said “Oh dear looks like I've picked the wrong camel” These were the little magic words I needed to write this poem You never see a young looking camel I blame the UV rays Or the monotony of walking for days and days Maybe they’ll invent some kind of camel songs of praise Or maybe a camel reclusive health spa Were camels come to discuss how the times are? Talk about back in the day Before the tourist boom When they helped every prince find an undiscovered tomb But now they’re just grumpy and it’s no surprise With the outlook of a future Chewing straw And wafting flies from the eyes No you never see a young looking camel

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Greg Freeman

Sat 12th Sep 2020 23:47

Too modest to put a link to the wonderful interview you did with Write Out Loud recently, Shaun? Then I'll just put it here

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Julian (Admin)

Fri 14th Nov 2008 21:01

good to see you back last night Shaun. Excellent work.

<Deleted User>

Tue 5th Feb 2008 14:41

Hiya Gorgeous,
How are you? I miss you - get in touch!!!
Love and laughter to you my darling.

<Deleted User> (4260)

Wed 9th Jan 2008 10:06

Great poem!

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clarissa mckone

Tue 23rd Oct 2007 03:05

I think its a wonderful poem, seems you have been watching the same people that I have! great job wonderful poem keep up the fab work! thanks

<Deleted User> (7790)

Sun 24th Jun 2007 16:38

Hello Shaun! Fab poet and Mighty Music Maestro, Supreme Songwriter, and James Brown On Wheels of Fire!

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