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Scott Villers-Stubbs

Updated: Fri, 24 Nov 2017 12:33 pm

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Fairly new to opening up on the internet with poems etc, i have written for a number of years just as a past time and a way to get things off my chest, outta my head and from my heart. Very few people have had the *ahem* privilege of reading my work or seeing it as i am usually very shy with it. I am how ever looking forward to joining this site and sharing with others as well as indulging in the delights of others work. i don't have a set style ( i don't think) or a set way of writing, i like to write what ever I'm feeling at the time or from what has either inspired, upset, or just generally taken my fancy at the time. I hope you enjoy my work as much as i enjoy writing it! below is a small sample of work i did in my early teens, they're not outstanding by any means but mean a lot to me. i was an Angry Child!


Carpe Diem Seize the day, barricade it within your heart of hearts do not spoil it but treat it with all the love you know for it won't grow or make amends with regrets of past second thoughts, if you have the chance but do not take it in every way, and sign and dance and do not care what any one dare say. you are your own person, know yourself and be it every day live life to the full, fulfil your life and use it for your own sake. Silence so sweet the sound of silence and its gentle peaceful ways yet so frightening and intimidating it can be have you listened to the noise of nothing? Only empty days? or heard the bang of suspense and absolute intimacy? how can nothing be scary and yet do you great harm yet anxiety hurts and adrenaline can be so loud and shrill yet nothing can cause nothing which leads to great alarm id rather have noise and know whats coming, which is a bigger thrill? Youth of today The youth of today is all they say, when they hear the news on tv or radio played They're just tarring us all with the same brush they don't realise its a minority, a small percentage of us the youth of today there're all 'boy racers', and the rest of them - they're just skirt chasers oh, ok so its all down to young lads, because 'ladies' can't be part of pathetic new fads? the youth of today they have no respect! oh sorry, thats just down to neglect you see, with out it we ourselves we have none to give you want our dignity too? you can have whats left of it the youth of today - the bloody cheek! did you hear about what they did last week? not really nom and i don't really care, but i sure its my fault too even though i wasn't there the youth of today, too busy to be ladies and gents, thats right - no manners - so you blame the parents. but just who exactly raised our parents that way? oh yeah thats right - the youth of yesterday

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