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Richard Thomas

Updated: Sun, 6 Feb 2011 02:29 pm

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Richard Thomas is a poet from Totnes, Devon who likes to make surreal observations of everyday things. Richard has had poems previously printed in anthologies, magazines and websites and is shortlisted for the National Poetry Competition 2011; He has also appeared both as a poet and a musician at the prestigious Port Eliot Festival 2009 and 2010. Richard is currently working on his first collection amongst various other poetic projects, aswell as studying in English Literature and Language, and editing the newly found Symmetry Pebbles – an online poetry journal for the edgy and the risktaking. You can keep up to date with Richard at and his poetry journal exists at 'Richard Thomas is that rare beast, an artist who’s creating something worthwhile and, dare I say it – beautiful, from the poetry-music crossover. Accompanied by washes of guitar that perfectly complement the ebb and flow of his economic imagery, Richard has the ability to reel you in where others simply leave you floundering. Isn’t it great when there’s a bit of thinking behind the noise?' - Russel, Apples and Snakes


Dig Should I dig some more of the earth today? What shattered lighthouse bulb and what riches Should my shovel clank amongst the decay? The brittle bones laid about in ditches Make each treasure I find more exciting Comparing it with the cracked skull I shook In my cupped hands after Monday's digging, Or Tuesday's find of a fisherman's hook. There's got to be an array of wonder Scattered below amongst the stinking dead, If I just root underneath a shoulder Of a farmer's loved one who'd never wed. I may find beauty and could sell my land, Move to the sea with five rings on each hand. Road Your road, sad road, smoke road: Road that shoots through carcass-rot, And either side red soil heaved up, Crumbling, sun dried by everything. Your road that narrows like a slug end: No favourite width road. Dandelion, Deflowering, sleepy in fumes. Dandelion, Suicidal on the side of city road Which paves its noisy way to end In the calm of the ocean in great road-rot. Road through farming goodness in everything Like sweet root vegetables heaved up By muddy men who prefer heaved up Natural taste to road-dead dandelion. Your road feels it is all and everything; No wild bear in a rainbow can stop road In fear of becoming poor wildlife-rot Left in the rubble for the flies. An end To your road is only the ocean. An end Isn't seeing cypresses heaved up And left in a pile of decrepit wood to rot Like the poor merciful dandelion - That's no feat as your wicked road Is capable of destroying everything. Road that swerves: a serpent around everything, And doesn't conceive to a passive end, Nor gives in to footpath beauty. Road: Unforgiving black streaked tarmac up And over rocky bridges kills the dandelion, Carrying the exhaust that makes dandelion-rot. Dipping road that makes squished-rot Of the minute bugs that give their everything In an attempt to cross in triumph – dandelion Falls withered warning them of their end. Your road that grabs all and rips all up, Mapping the route of a deadly road. Road, you are by no means everything, You too will come to an end and rot Like the dandelion as the ocean chews you up. Life as a Poem Sometimes writing poetry is hard; I go to grab it but it's gone - gone from my mind, slung its pompous self out the window. Sometimes obtaining the contents of my own mind is hard too; I go to grab myself but I've gone - I think perhaps I've gone out the window with the poetry. My poems and my mind often rebel; Once I caught them making out in the bathroom; Another time they kept me up all night with their constant squabbling; And as sure as sometimes my words deny the page, My heart denies my mind also and so forth. This is not to say that there is never an easy poem, Realise that. Yes, many a day have I woken up to look out of my window And see the golden autumn leaves as Nature's seasonal currency; Many old and gnawed bristles of toothbrushes have I seen as clutters of fish bones; Many a moment have I snapped up from my desk in some great burst To think: cotton hands! ocean stew! mad nuzzling eagle stealth! Yes, those images come in occasional flashes to embrace the page; No, more so: love the page, screw the page in its pale, linear ass. Well, if only my mind was as easy as those moments then; Just think, I'd understand myself more than you'd understand me, Or you'd understand me more than I'd understand myself, I don't know, either way it's similar. So, I guess the conclusion I am trying to draw Is that what my life is now Is forever searching for those sweet images and mad word combinations, Constantly looking for my life to become that eternally easy poem.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

Audio entries by Richard Thomas

A Queer Response (audio) (22/02/2011)

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melanie coady

Sat 29th Jan 2011 14:21

i love the tea one..however i will not hear of slanderous tea hating comments as my blood has been infested with the little pyramid bags of love lol

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Dave Bradley

Sun 17th Jan 2010 20:47

Welcome Richard. Nicely quirky -reads like a good performance piece. Looking forward to seeing more

<Deleted User> (7075)

Sun 17th Jan 2010 19:56

Hi Richard, Welcome to WOL. Hope to see what you're writting at the moment on our blog posts. Winston

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Ann Foxglove

Wed 13th Jan 2010 21:04

I'm way down in St Agnes, north coast. And have no car, so difficult to take part in stuff. I believe that there's someting at the St Ives and Penzance Art Clubs every fortnight, am going to get a friend to take me sometime. Whether I am bold enough to take part, hmmmm, hopefully!

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Ann Foxglove

Wed 13th Jan 2010 18:47

Very welcome Richard - and I don't like tea either! I am interested that you hail from the west country. I am in COrnwall, I'm very new to writing poetry, never performed but hoping to. So much of this performance stuff seems to be oop north. Good luck with it all anyway!

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