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'Michael Martinez'

Updated: Mon, 23 Mar 2020 09:09 pm

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I have been writing since childhood. Born in London and interested in various forms of free poetry. I have published a short collection at my own expense - Coventry, Spain: Poems for a Darkening Age and write about identity, migration and memory. My first collection is available but contact me on my email above. I hope to post more samples here soon.


The House of Wax he struck at Vincent Price’s face the murderous villain but the face cracked being made of wax revealing his burnt flesh the sins of past murders as i recoiled and hid behind the sofa scared of the television the man with the broken face the broken pretence of his power as my mother’s hand caressed my head my eyes closed beneath me the cheap carpet man-made plastic pubic fibres staring up at me etching winding sea-like patterns into my frightened emerging mind of fake Persian designs as if maps of lost worlds M Martinez

Pyrenees 1939

The Pyrenees 1939 Mortal men stumbling into unknown spaces removing their bloodied coats, with the dried mudded backs from resting under the rain. Spoken to in a foreign language as they empty their pockets and the torn sacks made of rope. Letters from their homes, empty wet leather wallets, pictures of visited places and small books of rules. The emptied pockets turned inside out like magic tricks revealing clumps of paper torn magazine cuttings of women and castles afar: fiefdoms of personal intrigue. Trinkets thrown into boxes to be burned without recording, the ashes emptied then blown into the air winding into the unknown. M Martinez 2019

These Fallen People

I live with these fallen people in this shaded land, their conquests lost within their broken dreams, as I queue for bread and beer: this world of fear and dust entering my lungs leaving me lost in time looking at their stained hands.

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