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Updated: Wed, 14 Aug 2013 07:12 pm

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Stars stagnate in nights unmade bed, I believe. Smoke signals; you are here in nicotine form not once, yet twice rubbed out. I whale pollution to the skyline you - black dress & star sapphire standing here where I once began. Matrimony, happiness, eternity - still where it was when you were where I am.

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<Deleted User> (5886)

Thu 3rd Dec 2009 20:29

Hiya, I was reading a book called 'Boy A' today, and recalled your poem titled the same, I wanted to have a read again, but it seems to have disappeared, did you remove it? Or am I just not looking >? :D

<Deleted User> (5886)

Mon 17th Aug 2009 10:20

I really enjoyed reading Boy A. Perfectly rounded off by the last two lines :)

<Deleted User> (5646)

Fri 26th Jun 2009 13:30

Hi Daniel,
just want to say thanks for your recent comment on one of my poems.


<Deleted User> (5886)

Thu 25th Jun 2009 17:25

Hello, Natural Reign is beautiful :) You have a very special way with words x

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winston plowes

Sat 13th Jun 2009 13:39

Hello Daniel
Just read lilium inter-spinas. To start with, what a great title. the soft lilly and the hard spines. Says a lot this poem about floating through life (for me) I imagined a balloon drifting along daring lifes problematic thorns to puncture it. One small quibble, are the words "deep blue sea" too cliche? they jared with me a bit. Fantastic poem. Keep posting. Winston

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Tomás Ó Cárthaigh

Tue 26th May 2009 01:04

"In Connection with Drowing" is a poem I like...

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Sun 24th May 2009 07:31

Hello Daniel, thank you for commenting on Delilah's Courage. I have to tread carefully here, as it was a response to a poem my wife wrote. She is a very private woman who spends a lot of time on her own just contemplating all manner of things. She is a very deep and spiritual person. She wrote a poem that i came upon, and i was so impressed it invoked in me a glance (sometimes rare), into her soul. I asked her could i put the poem in the blogs and she said no. So i wrote a work of fiction in response to her poem, as her poem reminded me of the lead lady from the book - The Story of 'O.' Because of the confinement the leading character was in. We dont practise such sado masochistic rituals as are in the novel, but it did imbue upon me the restrictions in the novel that the woman endured. It also has an element of our own chaste life, because resources are currently low, we are somewhat imprisoned in our own home, and for this, i feel foolish because we cannot do more, and i feel like her Jailer when in fact im not. it is in essence a work of fiction, with a little input, from our own current situtation, and, it is also a response to the work in, The Story of O. Okay, it is very sensitive, and it does say a lot. The skinny is, not to apply it too stringently to mine and my wife's situation. The poem that fuelled my imagination i will give you now. But if you ever meet my wife, you cannot say that i put it in here. I'm taking a big risk, but i feel it is a good one, because my wifes poetry, often knocks the spots off mine. I have to try to write, with herself, her writings seem more natural. Here is the poem that inspired me to write Delilah's Courage, it is my wife's poem, handle with care. You're a poet, and because of that, and haveing read your work, i know you will treat it with the sensitivity it is written.

The girl sat there,
She sat there staring at the walls,
Walls that kept her -
Day and night.

Walls that shield her from the
Insanity of human kind;
With nothing beyond to learn,
But within herself.

Thats her most recent poem, i have let you read it as i know you will treat it with respect. If you dont, im diggin up my SLR lol.

Seriously though daniel. I was really touched and although my own poem could have been more personal, i chose to distract it with something based on fiction, that perhaps could be seen as a response. I think you get the picture. I like your work Daniel, very thoughtful prose. Keep em coming blue, and be well.

<Deleted User> (5886)

Mon 27th Apr 2009 21:50

Thank you for your comment :)

<Deleted User> (5886)

Mon 27th Apr 2009 12:54

Hi, I really like your work...fantastic style, especially in 'a world I know.'

<Deleted User> (6152)

Sun 26th Apr 2009 13:34

Great line: "comforting and dirty as bathwater."
Really vivid image that lasts - nice one. :D

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