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Keith Lucy

Updated: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 03:44 pm

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Keith Lucy is a Bruce Willis double , Performance Poet at Liverpool Dead Good Poets Society, Has produced and recorded an audio Poetry Album, which contains 80 tracks of Spiritual, Political and Love Poetry.He now,resides in Southport,and is currently producing a poetry anthology of Thirty Poems. Performs regularly at Liverpool Dead Good Poets Open Mic Nights First Wednesday of the month. You can contact him at


Dreamchaser The virgin of love She was mine And she cried Like a dove For the love of God And the love of child Her skin was soft And pure Just like mine For sure Till dusk and daybreak and my heart will ache Until I find my piece of mind and the flower of love and the Virgin of love. Written by Keith Lucy. 18,Years Gone. In 1979 they sowed their seed. 18, Years of waste and greed They raped and privatised the industry That's what they did for you and me. Health,education,oil,coal, and gas all privatised like, a nuclear flash To cut the losses and expand the bosses,who would rape and pillage,the profits, That's what they did, For you and me Decrease wages and increase taxes,cut the benefits of the masses, Sod, the poor old and sick,they'll never raise the stick Who is resonsible for this Was it you or me, Was it the faithfull tory party. No it was Mr and Mrs Nobody, But then again that's what they call democracy.

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Keith Lucy

Wed 21st May 2008 12:53

Thankyou for your comment I usually perform at the
everyman, but due to compter problems since april
plus tha bad weather and the recession i have not
performed but if your interested pls see poetstarkeith via youtube or myspace
fot several poetic documentary short films i have done or google keith lucy for audio poetry to download also for photography
alsp in the usa bye for now,
yours keith lucy
ps i like your spiritual enhanced poetry

<Deleted User> (5646)

Mon 19th May 2008 20:35

Picking out profiles at random because i'm new to this site. I'm a spiritualist medium and healer first, writer second.
It seems prophetic that yours is the third one in a row i picked out which were all your last entries on my Birthday. Maybe i'll see you in Liverpool soon.

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