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John Eliot

Updated: Sat, 26 May 2018 11:42 am

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The truth of poet John Eliot is that he was born in Leicester, UK. He was the son of a school secretary and factory labourer. He attended a grammar school in Leicester where he played on the bones of Richard III. John became a teacher and taught Religious Studies in the South West of England. He now shares his time between France and Wales. John has two collections of poetry published, Ssh and Don't Go by Mosaique Press available from all the obvious places. A new collection, Turn on the Dark will be available later in 2018. May 2018


Three Lilies Who is that passing resting on the arm of love? Hear a voice. "Come away winter has gone; the rain has passed." "Three lilies sing like as a choir; lilies of the field dressed in white and gold. Remember? We heard them." "Now they are silent. Still as wheat without a breeze." "Leave the lilies. It’s not about the present but future. That is where you find poetry, poetry of song. Bird of grey dawn sing to us. Love, strong as death. Anger, fierce as the grave. We will hear them again." John Eliot April 2018 Resurrection Wet, like rain on footsteps, footprints against arid sand where blood has not breathed for the length of universe at world’s edge; creation has died, waiting for the spirit to speak: "Let there be" there was light and with the light came the above and below firmament and earth clouds gathered water cascaded. From the clay rose resurrected and felt wet, like rain on footsteps. John Eliot April 2018 Jane Grey Stars stand still; shine daytime. Let me fly blue sky as the white swan leaves the feather burning on the tip: the universe knows no end, Let me lie on the hillside, ask the grass, “Where do you leave your scent?” Become one without flight as a night creature hidden within the ghost. Stones of history. Grey and empty. John Eliot 2018

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John Eliot

Tue 3rd Jun 2014 12:39

Just joined, David.
And what would we do without Miles?
I have a lot of his cds from different periods.

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David Cooke

Tue 3rd Jun 2014 12:29

Thanks for the comment on 'Miles'. Didn't know you were here, John!

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John Eliot

Tue 3rd Jun 2014 11:01

Thank you for the welcome, Graham.

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Graham Sherwood

Tue 3rd Jun 2014 10:12

Hello John

Welcome to Write Out Loud.

I hope you enjoy the site. We're really looking forward to reading some of your work and I know that you will be warmly welcomed by other WOL-ers too.

If you haven’t already added a picture to your profile please try and do so. It’s good to see what our fellow poets look like.

Have a good browse around, there’s lots going on and if you have the time to make some comments about the work of other poets please feel free. It’s the best way to get some constructive feedback about your own work too.
There’s always someone who’ll help you out with a problem, so just ask and someone will get back to you. It’s a friendly place, so welcome once again.

Graham Sherwood

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