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Grace Poller

Updated: Wed, 29 Apr 2020 02:13 pm


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I am 69, a full time carer, absolutely non tech savvy, but have a few words I wrote after being out for my quick visit to the co-op the other day.

Corona - The Homeless Man

Please don't ignore the man sitting in the doorway As he holds out his cup for a bit of change He has no-where to go, no place to stay And no-one to tell him, he'll be okay. This virus is deadly and people are scared Many are anxious, lonely and bored But we have a home, somewhere sheltered and safe He has a doorway, so cold and alone There's fewer people out there to help him out Many will look and think he's a lout But when this is over just think on this More folk than ever might exist like this Depressing I know these words that I tell But that mans' eyes had a story so sad That I felt a need I could not quell To bring your attention to this man so alone I know what you think, he's an addict, don't care If I give him some cash, it'll go on his habit But just for an hour or so, take him out of despair Allow him a moment to dream again Don't think of him like the guy in Manchester He was once like you with hopes and dreams Life became hell for whatever reason For now, he only wants a moment, to escape for a while A sandwich and juice is very thoughtful A few kind words are welcome too But he has a need far greater than that And until treatment is out there, it's cash that he needs Many will criticise these words I say Sitting boringly comfortable, at home all day With no idea how a life of despair Can only be solved with a fix or some grog People are out there, spreading good cheer All of our brave keyworkers doing their best God Bless Them All, they're saving our lives But for him, it's just another tormented day to try and get by Was he a soldier, out in Iraq Did he see horrors he cannot forget Did he come back here with no-where to go Forgotten by those, he fought bravely for Put your hand in your pocket, don't just walk by Don't avert your eyes or pretend he's not there Don't judge, be aware, and show some compassion And just for a day, allow him some solace

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Thu 30th Apr 2020 10:57

Hi Grace, just wanted to say thanks for kind comments on my poems recently. I'm really enjoying your work. Keep posting! ?

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