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Ernie Burns

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A London-based poet and promoter running and hosting several poetry nights around London. Including "Ride the Word" and "Modern Poetry" at the Oxford Street Branch of Borders from 2005-2009 Since 2012, He has been the hosts of Platform 1 Poetry an event running every second Saturday at The Poetry Cafe, 22 Betterton Street, Covent Garden. "My work varies in style and content with a strong vein of humour and positive sentiment but I also want to give voice to my anger and explore the negative sides of life. I try not to take myself too seriously, I think poetry needs an element of self-deprecation to avoid becoming self-indulgent and egotistical, It is about communication not masturbation. When it is just masturbation I say 'talk to the hand.'" His first collection 'The Impotence of being... Earnest' ISBN-13: 978-1499145175 Available on Amazon or the Kindle Store as an E-book His second collection 'When London Finally Gave In and Started to Love' ISBN: 978-1291977066 Available in paperback or e-book from William Cornelius Harris Publishing or South London Books' websites and at some good bookshops. You can read more of his work on The rANDOM mUSING blog. Click the link below


Upelluri I was once so strong A granite fleshed Star-toothed vagabond Suckled on the twinkled sky The world placed upon my shoulder Was no burden I did not bat an eye Interrupt the purr of a snore sigh With any effort or surprise at that weight Maybe a slight ache ... But I did not wake I had no need to lie I was stronger than the truth Not bent by the illusive need of proof Most juggle between their ears I could lift the eternal fear of the eternal sneer And the glamour of her petticoats by one chair leg High above everybody's heads All now soaked in purple light It was when I placed down the final feat The buzzing arcs had ceased crackling The audience's laughter cackling Their smoke stop choking The auditorium emptied That was where I was to be lessened Taught lessons Blown like a hemp seed Also emptied But strength can be so beautiful As beauty can be strong Though I upheld the universe I did not once belong I saw other galaxies They were jewels in you There within you I could just weakly stare Feel my sinew unravel As you cut and sold my hair Now the world crumbles The pain tumbles My muscles grumble Like an old man The only thing I can Suspend Is an image of her By a faint chain I was once the strongest I was stone I long to be again Ernie Burns 2016 The Slut I Am Yes, I am ...A slut I put out ...Easy Feed me … Drinky ...Lead me ...By ...My pinkie ...And I will ...Follow ...Then give it… ...Freely… But I feel… …Or used to (Though so long ago It’s hard to know) ...When I imagined ...With, youthful sentiment ...How my life would lead ...That I would give ...And in the act ...Of giving ...Would be freed ...But the truth ...Is so sleazy ...And that is why ...I ...Am ...Soooo! …Easy Ernie Burns 2003 Lamentable The light that creeps under doors That moves in shady blinks Has a voice of warped floor boards It growls stories I cannot know but still burn me Possibilities I try to hide beneath bed covers So they will not be real Like the monsters That have long haunted my nights If only ideas would stay in my head Not direct shadows and play parts Deceive me by hinting the truth Then confess they are certain of nothing That no one passed by the door Entered what used be our room That we no longer share The love that I am losing That I am listening to sigh On the far side of these walls Was lost long before Was lost because I preferred dreaming And you preferred living Ernie Burns 2012

The Truth about Lies

The tree is evergreen Though Its leaves are a bleach brown Fallen They needle Into skin Sting like the evil bites Of parasites Black and crooked Branched and awkwardly angled The trunk sucks up pure clear Water Seeps pungent bile like sap From the cracks crazing the bark And those nailed to the mast Are covered in its vile aspic Smiling wildly madly wide Singing about winning The chorus of victims In beautiful disharmonious drone Call you on The truth about lies Is that the truth lies amongst the lies They deceive the heart and the mind But not the eyes

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.


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Ann Foxglove

Thu 12th Dec 2013 09:48

Hi Ernie - welcome to WOL. Be nice to see some of your work on the blogs section :)

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Ernie Burns

Tue 3rd Dec 2013 21:56

And right back atcha.

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Aaron Dinsdale

Tue 3rd Dec 2013 08:43

ello there!

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