Hi. I’m Donna. I love early morning walks with my dog and a hot cup of coffee in my hand. I set myself a goal to write regularly. I am interested in all things about human connection. And, honestly, life is brutal. But has to be lived. I am creating something that I don't know how to create. I have settled, but I am not settling. I am walking away in the most vulnerable, inadequate way.

The Sun’s Lament to the Moon

The Sun’s Lament to the Moon By the dimming of the firelight I see a lovely glow Arising from the still dark night His light to me does show But only in the darkest hours Stolen moments before he rests Oh harsh moon how can you be so cruel so rare, so full my breast my heart is merely fuel. Don’t bring me gentle promises Don’t mock me with your light Appearing as the answer to a cold and endless night. Bright shine and beautiful Ever to offer more? Have I broken your cold heart? Have you cast me on your shore? Oh moon. I want you by my side, But I am the fiery sun. The two never to collide. Illusions cast Grasping rays of moonlight empty hands. Maybes and dreams carried away on the heat of rising dew Sun breaking fast. Anew. Renew. D.R.H. Copyright Donna R. Hedges 2021

The Moon’s Defense

The Moon’s Defense Alas my love You are unfair To you I’ll always be Reflecting only Love’s sweet breath Given from you to me I am only a rock that carries tides and fleets of men I do not contain your passionate gaze And cannot even pretend You must have me confused With a dream from your youth No self respecting moon I know Has ever kept that pace My innocent shine is lovely to see And everyone does exclaim Never there was a more decent globe than this one in your domain And more, it’s true, My poor rock heart does protest So very sad and worried by your ungrateful express To you, I never said that I Would honour and protect My promise was only that I would caress your lovely breast D.R.H. Copyright Donna R. Hedges 2021

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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