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I'm a performance poet from Milton Keynes, but please don't hold these facts against me.... Hello! My name's Danni. I've been performing poetry since January 2005. As well as some brief stints at the Brighton, Buxton and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals, I've appeared here and there, mostly in London and the home counties, sometimes not much further than the borders of my beautiful, creative, somewhat-drunken home town of Stony Stratford. As a general rule (made to be broken) My work tells wryly comic, poignant and sometimes erotic, rhythmic and rhyming stories from the heart. Sometimes funny, sometimes silly, sometimes heart-broken. I consider myself a poetic story-teller, and essentially an entertainer, and I like my poems to be honest, and to always end on a giggle. As everything in life should, really. I'm very pleased to be part of the marvellous Rrrants collective, a loose collection of writers, performers and make-gooders of a poetic, musical or cabaret-ish bent. In 2012 I was the Bard of Stony Stratford and wrote pieces for a local orchard, the beer festival, the library, and a special piece for Stony Lights Switch-on Day, when I had the honour of switching on the Christmas lights, and performed my piece to a very crowded market square!(estimated 1,000 people) i'm always looking to collaborate with musicians, and have so far been involved with 2 electronic music projects, Crimes At Midnight, and Black Volition. I've performed several times with the latter, and a small UK tour recently included a sold-out Whitby Goth Festival show in the Whitby Spa Pavillion. My first collection "Empty Threats" is available, and a second collection, as well as a CD will be available in 2015


Hand to Hold Sometimes, all you need is a hand to hold, No miracles or promises of kindred souls. Some empathy, some enlightenment, Some respite from the storms. Sometimes, all you need is a hand to hold When you almost dare not reach out From the gradual attrition of mistrust and doubt. Lack of connection. No riches can mend a hardened heart, But a glance of affection can catch you when you fall. Sometimes, all you need is a hand to hold Someone to answer when you call. Some companionship. Some understanding. Some respite from the storms. Sometimes, all you need is a hand to hold. Dedication to the Community Orchard Here in the ground grows our hope, Day by day. Here in the dirt blooms our faith. That this land, its history and all that it provides, Will remain ours for all our future days. Here in the litter and the earth, Day by day, Strong roots will anchor down deep. And the buds will spring, And blossom will bring That desire to nurture and to keep. All seekers of sweetness can come to this place To rejoice in the seasons’ ebb and flow, And take pride in the fruit of their patience and toil Whilst other riches may come and go. Harsh winters turn branches brittle, Day by day Until the first buds of Spring pierce the frost. And gratefully capture thin slivers of sun In simple lessons we have almost lost. This connection to the resplendence of life Will join together those scattered by the breeze. With the sharing of knowledge and telling of tales, Against an ever-changing backdrop of leaves. Future generations will be drawn in by its promise, And pass on wisdom of how to best make it thrive. Whilst time marches on and consumes so much precious space, This is how we will survive. This, is how we will survive.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Andy Humphrey

Thu 4th Mar 2010 14:04

Hi! Great to see some MK poets being tempted on to Write Out Loud. When are you guys gonna come and invade York then? :)

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Pete the Temp

Mon 1st Mar 2010 20:03

Hi Danni, great to see you in the East End the other week - good work.
See you soon hope Pete x

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Thu 14th May 2009 16:41

J'aime votre poème 'UN-CHIC IN PARIS'...
c'est ce qu'on fait parfois à Paris... : )

Pete Crompton

Thu 14th May 2009 15:36

Hi Danni
thanks for the invite.
I have a gig Sat night so will prob be too hungover for Sunday, would love to do it though!!!!!!!!!!!! anything else going? can you recommend an open mic near you?

ps I have no contact details for you

<Deleted User>

Sun 5th Apr 2009 14:22

I have been writing poetry for many years, on and off, and I have never once performed it in front of an audience, so you have my, admiration there, for doing so, plus, no ones ever ask me. (ha!)
In my opinion, you seem to be ’too hard’ on yourself, regarding your poetry, and I quote, ’A sporadic, temperamental and thoroughly amateurish performance poet‘. Firstly, poetry should be sporadic, write with heart, not the brain. Secondly, there is nothing amateurish, in performing before an audience, you surely have the mind, and the attitude of someone who can conduct themselves in a professional manner, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to distinguish the difference between the two. Finally, and most importantly, your work projects, honesty, warmth, underline humour, love, betrayal, sadness and happiness, and there’s nothing amateurish about that. You have a ’craft’ and a ’underground talent’ which would benefit, less experienced poets. Thank you, for being you. x

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