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Brother G and the Trouble

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Brother G and the Trouble is the collaborative and creative output of Alison O'Palace and George E Harris plus Invited Guests. Performing under other names including World of Surprises ... ( Spoken Word / Sound and Music Improvisations and Art Production). The words are developed from a process of notes taken on journeys / cut up and rearranged. The sounds are improvised with a pre-planned response to the words using a multitude of instrumentation. They have performed at 'Sphinx Dining Club' in Crystal Palace, 'More Poetry' in Whitechapel/London, Spoken Word Events at Cafe Thing/Antenna Studios in Crystal Palace plus 'Poets Anonymous' in South Norwood, Crystal Palace Overground Festival - various venues, Artsmith in Derby. George E Harris has gone out as a solo poet over the last few years performing at various events including Paper Tiger Poetry and Poetry Cafe as well as the most recent inclusion at the Free Verse Poetry Book Fair 2017 / Conway Hall London with William Cornelius Harris Publishing Poets. George E Harris also has a collection of poetry and image coming out in 2017 called AND THEN IT COMES BLOWING via London Poetry Books and William Cornelius Harris Publishing. This covers a period of years in George's writing since 2011. This is his very first publication through a publisher, but has previously self published via Blurb as well as making home made books in limited editions for exhibitions including words and art works. Brother G and the Trouble Sound and Word examples - plus Two Albums of material available In the Dot Dot Dot (2014) Have Mirror Will Travel (2017) George E Harris Artworks can be seen here at


PARADISE WALK That smile as the street cleaner fed the pigeons, taking scraps out of his trolley bin on the early morning. Spreading them on the circle island, satisfied in his rebellion. I nodded and smiled, seemed we had an understanding through the sunshine beaming, between the mayhem of wings, birds going crazy over the laid down morsels. Months before, on and off I often saw this man, Joe is his name, angry at the lack of care on his patch. The local businesses used to give him a coffee or two, an exchange for clearing the surrounding streets, now seems devoid in the divide and selfish enterprise. Got me to thinking about our selfie nation on this crumbling walk, wake up our nightmares are arising right outside. Wake up we have a task to deal, against agendas to pit one against another, people against people, worker vs worker and friend against friend. Sub divided populous with futures uncertain. Powers stamping on those in need, a danger to us all within this broken challenge. Its not a game show, quizzed to see whom comes out alive, its real, very real, faced up in this hyper reality of an elite offensive. My mind now casts back to the island going crazy for breadcrumbs, who's paradise walk is it? George E Harris 2016 from collection AND THEN IT COMES BLOWING Poetic Expressions of George E Harris London Poetry Books and William Cornelius Harris Publishing 2017 RIDDLES OF THE INFINITE Poised at a strings edge, tests of fear with a clarity of chance within the utopia of invisibility and investigation. Taking the beats down to the confined time, taking the swing through a confined ride. Extracts from a journey elsewhere as strangers come and go, the moments before were quite crucial to the general outcome. An apartment now empty with only apparatus remaining, paraphernalia of springs, wood and elastic, a sling facing the hole above. Racing through the stars in riddles of the infinite, spirits of revolutions stare on and through. Figures of residence on full throttle within a utopia of invisibility and investigation. Taking the beat away from the confined time, taking the swing out of a confined ride. George E Harris 2010 From Postcards From A Floating World 2012 Self Published via Blurb SERFS UP Lost Heros of un disclosure - punk Lets find your perfect sofa Half price disadvantage Burning Bright in The Type Archive Revolutionary Icons Che - V The Undead are Converging Early morning visions of skulls creeping in Skins falling off now pealed In Diversion Lets celebrate Snake rattle calls out Strength from the winds blowing in In this spitting pencil shout In this trickle treacle tricks and treats Parade Under the Bridge Out Sourced Spectacle Privatised Jumble Battering in Jubilee Processing Work Programmed Festival of Invisible Involuntary Hands Treadmill In Roles of Foil and Plastic Sheeting Visitations of Clearwater Messengers in the Dirt ʻWoke up in a Situationists Comedyʼ Nah it ainʼt! Serfs Up unto the Glory Upon Riding the Turgid River George Harris 2012 unpublished

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.


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Friday 20 October 2017

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7:00pm at 139 Vauxhall Walk, London, SE11 5HL, GB

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Ann Foxglove

Thu 14th Mar 2013 18:58

Hello you two - a very warm welcome to WOL. Hope you enjoy being a part of the site!

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George Harris

Tue 5th Mar 2013 11:11

Thank you very much, we very much loved being part of the event.

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Greg Freeman

Tue 5th Mar 2013 11:04

David Andrew and I enjoyed your pieces at More Poetry last night. More, please!

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