Addressing The Poetry Periphery

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A lack of diversity in British poetry remains a conspicuous issue. In 2016 almost 10% of poets published by a major press in the UK were black or Asian. This has risen from the 2005 figure, where only 1% of such publishers included such writers. This is in due, in no short measure, to some commendable work done by the Complete Works (TCW), a national programme which selected 10 outstanding black a...

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Diversity in Poetry

A "certain type of experience" with Travis Alabanza

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Travis Alabanza is a London based performance artist, theatre maker, writer & general shit talker.  Such is the claim of Travis Alabanza’s facebook page, but having met and interviewed them I can safely say if it really is shit they are talking then it is the good kind.

Travis was “always a drama...

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Diversity in Poetry

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